Monday, November 1, 2010


Last night was Haloween and Mum dressed up for it.  But she has been preparing for days for this. She bought two big pumpkins, put them on the fridge, then didn't eat them! But then, she cut the top off one and pulled out gooey smelly stuff that got all over her and the kitchen and into a bucket.  She carved big holes in the side and a creepy face; then did the same to the other one. 
Yestaday afternoon she got dressed up, put on heavy make-up and put the pumpkins outside with candles in them. She hung a big white thing on the door and had things hanging off the window too. Mum came up to me before dressing up and gave me a long cuddle and then came to me again hoping I wuldn't run like I did last year. But no mattar what she looks like I know her voice and her eyes. I snuggled against her cheek and she was happy that I knew her. After that, we watched a movie she called The Rokky Horra Picta Show. A man in it was wearing women's unwear and make up with heels and it looked old; but Mum loved it.
Well, I better get back as my feet are getting sore, and I'm getting cold again. My cage it covered in my Winter Covers again... when will Summer come? Mum's making sure I'm warm because it feels so cold.

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