Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feeling Better - Yay!

It's been a long time since I wrote. but my foot has been very sore and I havent been able to land proper when I fly around (faceplanting the cage is embarassing!). So, I thought it was better if I left the posting until I was better.
I haven't eaten much because I've been in pain; and so I lost a little weight. Mum's noticed and has been giving me a lot of much needed cuddles and been feeding me by hand. She loves me a lot and knws it hurts me a lot to eat from the tray.
But today, I had a wonderful thing happen!  This afternoon, I was really hungry... I ate from the food tray Mum showed me, then drank some water, ate some millet, looked outside... then ate more from my food tray on my own!!  Then got into drinking wter on my own too!  How good is that?

She is so proud of me and I'm feeling so much better that I got to be out on her ankle for a longer bit of time to watch Dr Who on the ABC all the way through; then That 70's Show too. She even let me put myself away too. I'm not falling off my swing either!

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