Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Almost Krismas!

My head is feeling much betta, but i'm very hungry all the time now and Mum calls me a guts. i guess i am. Mum's been flying me around the room and nearly each time some of my feathers fall out. its funny.
last week the fishies came and lived with us. they are Riley's fishies and Mum had to go and buy them new food and came home with something for their tank. when she put a new big castle in, she didnt know if they would like it but i did! after a while they began swimming around it and having fun! i think the fish are kind of stupid because they do the same thing all day. 
today is cold. we had a bit of a storm last night and it got cold last night. Mum put my covers over me and kept me warm and she gave me plenty of cuddles, just like i like it. today she kept the doors and windows closed. the day was sunny but now its cloudy again. she will come downstairs again today and use the weird white machine on the table. i like seeing her because shes my owner and i love her.

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