Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mum Got Mad

Today Mum was expecting people. each yeer some people come by to show her some wines for her to taste and she wins a free gift. its a lot of fun and she gets to eat her aftanoon tee with peeple. so she cleened the house and put away everything and did the lawndry. but it kept on raining and she kept on brining it inside. the dryer stopped working and she got really mad that all the clothes were a bit wet or cold.
then to make things really awful the wine people didnt show up. she made dinner, ate it and it got dark and she sighed as it got late and she knew that they werent coming. silly peeple didnt call her. she was mad about it too. so when she let me out and gave me a cuddle the last thing she wanted was a bite, but she got one. i said sorry strait away and we cuddled for a bit. now its bed time, not late just time for sleep.

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