Sunday, June 24, 2012

Busy Mum

Mum is very busy this week. She is being cuddly all the time and telling me when sheel be home and that she loves me. this means sheel be busy all the time.

I dont mind becawse it meens i get to have more cuddles and i love being cuddled. mum has been home at night and that is somthing she promised and its good to see her at home then. but then she loves being home at night. 
she has been out in the day time and busy in the weekdays getting things done around the place. she plays music a lot and hangs about with me. thats great

today is a cold day and she put my covers over my cage. the sun isnt out all the time and now i'm warm and the radio is talking and singng pretty music to me. i can have nice warm sleeps if i want.

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