Monday, August 27, 2012

Silly Me

Mum and me have been spending lots of time togetha at nite. she gave me a really big cuddle last night and tickled me under my wing and then she made tea in tha kitchen. she leaves the curtin pulled and tha sun warms me all day and she knows its time to feed me less and that i enjoy flying more.
but last night i did a silly thing. i flew onto the cage and took off again as i landed. then i found myself on a plastic bag that didnt tayke my wait. mum pulled a few things away and found me behind the credensa!  how funny is that? i havent been behind that in a long time. she had to pull dust off my feathas and smooth them out while she laughed at me. 
i thought it was pretty funny too. for wonce i didnt screech like a baby birdie. and i landed on my feets too. i still felt pritty silly tho.


  1. You are a duffer but I'm glad that you weren't hurt.

  2. So am I. Mum calls me Little Miss Adventures when this kind of thing happens. i thinks its a cool when she plays with my name like that.