Sunday, October 7, 2012

We Are Home

Yestaday Mum and me came home. Her Dad came and picked us up from her brothers house and we drove all around the place. there was so much to do yestaday.

we even went to a party where a lady opened all presents and they were for a baby but the baby wasnt there. i thawth thats strange. anyway, Mum gave them something too and they loved what she knitted for them. it was so much fun talking to all the new peeple there and they thought i was cute becawse im blue.
Mum and her dad and me took off soon tho because it was getting late and mum was tired. and we were home soon. I was so excited to see our place i called to the otha birdies to tell them i was back. now the radio and fishies know im back too becawse the radios talking to me again. 

i know the tv knows i'm back it talked to me last night.

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