Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Today, mum got out the loud machine from the storage place unda the stairz and cleaned the carpet. i always get nervus around this thing becawse its so loud and i have heard sum bad things about it.. like it can suck birdies like me up its pipe never to be seeen agin!!! but mum won't let that happen.
well she moved me off the big wooden thing along the window and put the long pipe behind it where i havebeen secretly hiding my fethas and throwing seed husks. but sumhow she knew they were all there! while i was sitting at the back door, where she put me out of the way and i watched the nice morning for a bit, she came back and showed me how much fethas and seed husks and dirts  was behind where my cage sits. it was a lot!

i think i have to find anotherplace to throw my poo seed and fethas now she knows about that place. or just wait until she forgets its there again and do it all again! 

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