Friday, December 24, 2010

Summer? Winter?

In the mornings when Mum has opened the curtains, it has been looking strange outside. It's looked really cloudy and rainy and weird. Isn't it supposed to be Summer? Isn't it supposed to be sunny and hot and pretty and stormy? not cloudy and wet and sleepy and ... yuk.
Mum has been looking out there too saying it looks strange. The piano sounds horrible; but it's the rain making it sound like that, well Mum says.
I'm even being left at home tomorrow - Christmas Day! - because it wiill be too wet to take me places. Well, at least I'll be nice and dry and warm. How good is that? And Mum said I can open my presents today! I can see them from where I sit in my cage in gold paper.I can smell millet in one, but don't know what the other is.

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