Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sticky Hot Day

Mum went out today and took the blue thing on wheels with her... saying she will be back soon as she could.   Well, while she was out, it was very hot and the fan was good pushing nice cool air around.  The window was open next to me too; until the clouds came and so did the rain!
It all came in the front and wet through the lace!  I got wet too!  Mum wasn't here to close the window - and I did try to get her attention by tossing my food tin, but she didn't come and close the window!  So, it kept on coming.  Soon after, she came home and dried everything.  And guess what???  I got new bells!  She had to take them off a piece of leather but they sound really cool!  And one of them is on a long chain... I love it. 

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