Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mum Can't Fly

Yestaday I saw Mum come down the stairs and fall. she sat at the bottom of the stairs rubbing her feets mumbling to herself and tried to stand but sat down agin.  she hurt herself bad.  then she went out to get the milk and didnt come back for a long time. i knew it was bad when she came back and began to cry a bit after she fed me and the stupid fishies but didnt get any breakfast for herself.
she called her parents and a doctors and then was out all day. then came home with a stick to help her walk. she was very tired and sore and went to bed very early. today she had to orgnise the lounge and did something she never does. she sat down for the whole afternoon. mums left foots is bigger than her right one. she is in pain and has to stay here with me in the afternoons - how cool is that?

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