Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Talking Box!

Today Mum went out with her Dad promising to be home soon.  and she was! they came home with a big thin box! she moved the lounge and coffee table and all the things off that and put a towel on it and her dad attacht something on to it and they fiddled with the old talking colour box, then pulled it out of the cabinet and put it off to one side.
you see last night our talking box wasnt working beccause the box that the chanels came through were stuffing up. so Mum called her parents and suggested maybe its time to get a new channel thingy. so today, when Mums prize from the radio station came in themail, her Dad took her out and they found her a new talking box instead. this talking box was bigger, and replaced her old one and the box on top that has the chanels coming through it.
tonight mum spent all night stuffing around with the settings because it was really bright. now we both have headaches and she has covered me over and shes ready for bed. we're going to give away her old talkign box and chanel box to charity. i'm tirednow.

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