Monday, December 3, 2012

Lop sided

hi i'm back. oh... look! mum came and wrote for me. how nce is tht. oh, look at that, my sepling is bad. darn ths head.

Like she said i havent been well and i took a spiiil... oops. i fell down from flyying around. mum asked the vets what happened and lookt it up on the net and found out i have had a stroke. now i'm lop-sided all the time. this means my head it turnd to the right all the time... 

stop laughing! i see the world sideways.

this isnt funny.

besides i can only see out of my left eye now too. 

see that stopped ya.

sorry, i'm still getting used to this like mum. she has put one of my enemies in my cage with me ... a towel!... i hate those things. this is so i cant hurt myself.and tomorow its going to be stiinkining hot.

ive made so manny mistakes here.   

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