Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Time

Little Miss Stevie passed away on 8th, December, 2012. It was a Saturday afternoon, just on sunset as the skies were turning burnt oranges and hot pinks... a great end to a day - and a great end to a bird's life too.

But for a few years, I found Christmas a very sad time of year for me; as it was so close to that time of year where we were supposed to be celebrating so much, and yet I had lost that special little fluffy pet in my life; right when I needed her the most at that point in my life too.

It's been 5 years, and I still hate putting up the Christmas tree, mainly because there's bum-fluff feathers all over the darned thing!

So, this year, I went out and bought myself another tree - a new, taller one - and it's made me feel better.

Now, I still have memories of Little Miss Stevie, but they're funny memories. Of her reaction to the streamers on the Small Leaf Jades outside, and how she'd stare at the reflections on the ceiling of the living room. She'd screech as the sound of children anywhere near the house. Yes, she wasn't a fan of children being around the house and yet I wasn't really either. 

And then there was her Christmas Ornament that I bought her only two years before she passed away and yet when she did pass on, I took it back and got the lady who decorated it to put the years on it of when I had her... which she did for nothing. And I do appreciate it that she did that for me. I did have the money to do that.

Anyway, buying the new tree was something I really just loved doing because it was something I could afford and it was also something to add to my house ... for the year to come. 

I still remember how much my little bird loved this time of year; as I always bought her something she enjoyed either playing with or eating. But the year she passed away, I bought her nothing. I thought that we had a pretty good life together and our life with each other would be better than any present. 

And isn't that the point of Christmas? I think so. 

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