Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Rain.

I enjoy the rain. but not this much rain. it's cold and my owner has pulled the curtain so the window doesn't let in the cold from the day. She's such a lovely person.
She gave me new millet today and I enjoyed eating that and ringing my bells withthe music on the radio.  Birds sangs while it poured rain outside. 
Sometimes I wish i was a wild bird flying around with the other birds in the trees on nice hot fine days.  But its when it's raining and cold I'm grateful I have a cage of my own and a nice owner who keeps me warm and makes sure I'm okay. She gives me lots of cuddles on these wets days too so she knows I'm warm. I like that.
Well, I think I'll have a sleep for now while the day is dark and my owner is still up on the computer.  I hope she doesn't mind me using the keyboard. Better still, i hope she hasn't noticed some of the letters scratched off.

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