Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Things In The House

A few days ago, my owner brought in a really big box through the side door.  It was so big her Mum had to help her with it. They put it on the floor and left it there for a while.  Then, she came downstairs and opened it and began building the things inside it.  The first thing was a really big speaker with a hole in the front; which she put next to me.  Then, she put some others together that stood up on their own.
The sunwas down when she tried it out and she found when she turned on the this new thing, the picture on the television wasn't in colour. Her Dad came to help and they ended up making a phone call and then it was fixed. She showed me the things that stood up on their own and I found I could see the other birdie in them... how cool is that?  Another birdie in the new things in the house.  My owner is very cool.  She told me they are speakers; but I know they are just big mirrors for me to look at.

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