Sunday, October 24, 2010

She Caught Me...

At first, I hated the big black thing next to my cage.  But when my owner put it there, it scared me. It was bigger than the last one we had; and I wanted it nowhere near me.  While she was out one day, I thought that sussing it out couldn't hurt. So, I climbed all over that side of my cage and looked through the bars... it didn't act mean and had one word on it. And from what my owner had called it, it's named Sony. 
Then, each time my owner was either upstairs or out, I tried to be nice to the black thing called Sony. The other day, my owner found me out.  I jumped on it to see how mean it could be to me; and forgot she didn't no I was meant to hate it.


So, last night, she got her camera out and filmed me.  I hate that camera. Now, it's on YouTube; from what I hear.

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