Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dull Days, Fun Mum

I have found when days get sleepy and dull here Mum puts on funny vampire movies and lots of music. she spends lots of time reading with me and makes sure i am warm too. even when sheis sick, she is making sure i am taken care of. she calls me a toasty bird.
Lkie last night, she was supose to go out to a party, but she stayed home becawse of her cold. so we watched a vampire film and she made sure I nice and warm before she wnet to bed. a big party was going behind our place and she sleep through it. today Mum has been good; pulling the windows and doors shut and making sure I'm all fluffly and warm. I think she is coming downstairs soon to read to keep me company, yes this isa good day. dull but fun with Mum.


  1. You are so lucky Stevie.
    She could have forgotten about you & you would have had cold feathers.
    How good is she to keep you all warm & toasty.
    You be good to her now while she is not feeling well.
    Share share seed with her - just flick it out of the cage all over the floor - she'll love that :)
    happy sleeping :)

  2. When I did share my seed Mum got a noisy thing and it sucked it up out of the carpet. Good thought.