Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dull Shopping Day

Today we had a visitor while we ate breakfast! It was Mum's Dad. He came and talked to her about a letter that arrived yesterday. He reads it and said she could keep it. Then, after she was ready to go shopping, they both went out and it began raining.
Mum left the radio off today and I heard the rain agaisnt all the windos. She came home with millet and a cuttle bone just for me!  And this aftanoon, she gave me a really sweet piece of apple to eat all for myself! She had some too. I had been really mean, so she gave me something nice to eat; and I let her cuddle me. I love cuddles. Soon she put me back in my home and pulled the curtin across to keep me warm. Its cold now and I want my covers on to keep toasty. But that apple was nice!

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