Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Windy Days

We have been having windy dsays but the sun has been out too. Mum takes my covers off me and pulls the curtain back the sun is lovely and warm on my feathers all day long!  
Then I get and talk to the birdy in the mirror and feed her too and play under the newspaper until Mum comes down from upstairs to do house stuff and read outside in the wind. All day the radio has been talking to me and playing music, but it isthe same stuff all the time and it gets boring. I try to tell it, but it ignores me.
Mum has been putting on her black shiny things the play music and singing to them while she paints. I like Mum's music. it's different. the sun is nice and warm now, I'm going to play in it and saty warm today.

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