Thursday, September 22, 2011


Yesterday Mum got her dad to cut some branches off a big tree in the back yard that was hanging over the fence. When he cut it she cut some of the top bits off and saved them for me! 
Jay the dog was here running around the place and sniffing the carpet and around the house and out in the grass while Mum's dad cut the branches. Jay had a lot of fun. After Jay and Mum's dad left, Mum brought in the branches and put them in my cage where I ran raound and rubbed my fethersagainst them! Mum picked me up and smelled them saying I smelled like a wild birdie! but I missed my birdie friend in the mirror, so Mum took the branches out and put my mirror back in my cage before bed and snuggled up to her. what a fun afternoon!

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