Monday, October 17, 2011

Loud Rain

We have been getting a lot of loud and dark rainy days. One morning we woke to a loud clouds outside and Mum came downstairs really early. she went out and got some milk and it got darker and darker and abig storm came and there was a lot of rain with a lot of water! there was so muchwater it was at our door wher Mum takes the big purple bags outside. she wasnt happy and took a lot of photos.
a few days later her Mum went out with her and ther was anotha loud cloudy day with a lot of rain and a big storm came. and Mum's Mum stayed to help her with the water and they both got wet and cold. it was something to see. today its another cloudy day and Mum says its cold outside and has kept my window closed. but I know becawse i cant hear my birdy friends talking out there, i know its going to rain again soon.

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