Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mum's Birthday!

Mum had her birthday this week. She has been getting presents for the last few days and showing me them and cakes too. She went out in the middle of the week to her Mum and Dads place and spent the day there and came home with a really big box. And today she went out and came home with lots of books from somebody she knew. And a few days ago before her birthday, she got more presents in the mail for her birthday. Mum got lots of books for her birthday. It was very nice of her friends to send her so many nice things! And she spent a lot of time with me too.
Then on her birthday night the light upstairs went out and she had to change the bulb. Mum hates heights but she did it anywya. After she did it she gave me a big cuddle. i think she needed it so I nibbled her nose and let her know she was okay.

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