Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pet Shop Closing.

My owner went shopping today.  Usualy I know this because she gets her bag ready, the camera is checked for batteries and the big blue thing on two wheels comes out and she put in a whole lot of stuff to take with her; like the list, something to post and other things. Then, she closes the back door and is gone for along time... like she is upstairs.  But it's realy quiet.
But when she got home today, she was kinda quiet. She said to me the shop she got me from was closing in a few weeks. that's sad because she got all my food from there. That's probably why my millet ran out.
Oh! the other day, she got her Mum tobuy more millet!  It was from another pet store, but it was so good to see my millet back! My owner will have to get my seed and millet somewhere else I guess. I wonder where?

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