Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We had visitors last week.  My owner was seen around the house for a reason, she was cleaning up for them to come over.  There was a tall skinny one called Geoff - he comes here a lot and is nice.  I've met his wife. She likes me.  Then there was this other man called stu who sat in my owner's place on the lounge and fiddled with his phone when it buzzed.  But he kept on looking at me.  He told my owner that he hadn't owned a budgie since he was young and thought I was very cute.  Stu just kept staring at me and my owner got me out of the cage and patted me while Stu watched. He thought it was lovely how my owner scratched me around my chin and my put my head back ( I really do like how it feels and she's so gentle about it).
Well, both of them were invited upstairs to look at the book collection, but came down empty-handed. Geoff normally borrows books off my owner once in a while to read. he must have enough books to read.
Today, my owner went shopping. She still came home without millet again.  I miss my millet; I'm wondering what's wrong.  I hope she gets some soon.

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