Friday, August 20, 2010

All On My Own

I've had a lot of time on my own this week. On Wednesday
Mum went to the shop and came home in an orange car where the driver helped her with all her bags and she paid him.  While she was away, the radio was off but the birds outside sang.  Mum had left the window open because the day was hot and there was a nice wind.
She wasn't home for long. Mum went out early with her Mum until late.  The sun had gone down and she we to see a movie for free in the city called 'Solt'.
This morning, she took a long time to check the mail.  Came home to say it was wet and cold outside and she had visited some friends where they chatted.  I didn't mind. I was all snuggled on my swing because Mum had left the curtin pulled.
Now, Mum is on the computer hanging out there for the day. Tomorrow night we both going out for an overnight stay!  How exciting!

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