Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cold Day

Some days I'm really grateful Mum is so nice to me. This morning she pulled up the covers really gentle and said hello, then put them back down to go and get the bin.  It was cold outside you see and she didn't want me to get any cold wind on me. When she came back inside she pulled the covers back a little so the front of my cage was showing and the back and sides were still covered up. Then, she took out my food tray and changed my seed over and had a chat with me as she took out my millet to make me eat my bird seed.

Mum always feeds me before she makes herself anything to eat. 
She washed up a bit and made breakfast then.  The day has been dull all since it started.  I'm happy she's left my covers on.  i'm all toastie in here... but she's upstairs all day.  I know she's thinking of me and can hear me sing.

It's a lazy day for both of us.  She is still wearing her slippers and hasn't unlocked the doors.  I think she'll stay home tomorrow too.

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