Saturday, August 7, 2010

My First Scratchings

Picking amongst the seed the other day, I wondered what my owner does when she's upstairs.  She assures me that - while I'm listening to the classic station, taking in the sun at the front window and watching the day go by - she is thinking of me.  But really, Idon't know what she does in that room where there are so many books. 

My name is Little Miss Stevie.  I was bought at pet shop a little over five years ago and I have been at her house ever since.  Mum has been wonderful to me; teaching me things, showing me that she would never hurt me on purpos and knowing when I need a cuddle.
But then, there are times when she needs one too; and I'm just fluffly enough to do that for her, even tho I'm really small, she enjoys our time in the afternoons.  And I really do like her playing that big brown thing near the stairs no matter how bad she thinks she is.
My feet are sore from playing on this letter board so much. I must go and eat a little millet and see where she is now... it's time for another cuddle.


  1. Sadly I only seen your blog now after five years. I am sure your mummy misses you so much!